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June 21, 2010 2 comments

My dearest and one friend, this is a letter to you

to say how truly and tremendously deeply I love you

And though I’ve said it a trillion times before

Another trillion reminders chase a trillion more

Your smile is so bright, excessive beauty so right

no amount of money nor nuthin can equal holdin you tight

in the night

and despite

the flight

to see light

beyond this level of sight

(which ain’t right)

My eternal delight

with all my hope, strength, and might

Sacred knight

liftin dawn’s deflated dreams to new heights

Taste the kiss of your soul

forever just to excite

my mind in pure astral energy discharge

Never loved nobody, ever, so unbelievably hard

Never had a love so good so deep in my heart

Never needed a touch so completely much, so I’ll start this…

I love you

I love you

Is it cool, just me and you?

I love you


Out There Nowhere

May 24, 2010 Leave a comment

The science fantasy of Atlantis helped re-sparked my "out there" curiosity

I just came back inside from looking at the stars, those magical twinkling points of light that romance the velvety-dark skies of the night, and the question came to me: why are the stars always “out there”? Even when I’m watching Trek orĀ Gate(s) I notice that no matter where you are, no matter how fast your ship, the stars are still always “out there”. I mean, like, there’s never a star directly over your head that you can look up and see, or touch. They remain in that ever-present, unreachable nowhere called “out there”. I like how Captain Kirk once responded when asked which coordinates to set for the Enterprise: “That way!” he replied, valiantly pointing “out there” into the black, twinkling void of space.