About Jahriel

The name of my spirit is Jahriel Rahma, a philanthropic being of light who has empowered me to be a highly-spiritual creator. I am effective in a variety of the creative arts, including visual, musical, and literary. For many years I earned my living as a graphic artist, having worked in administration for the Houston Independent School District for nearly nine years. Since then I have worked as a contract designer, having completed projects for such clients as the Houston Business Journal;  Fajita Rita’s, Bear Creek; Schlumberger Corporation;  KMJQ Majic 102 FM Houston; Texas Fitness & Longevity Magazine; Congresswoman Sheila Jackson-Lee; Department of Professional Development, HISD; boxing legend Evander Holyfield; The Houston Defender Newspaper; as well as many organizations, churches, screen printers, recording studios, and music artists.

This blog is my personal place of expression on the Internet. Sometimes I’m very serious, sometimes very spiritual, sometimes politically-correct, and sometimes just straight hood. Truth is, I think a lot, and I speak from the heart, which may at times seem a bit direct. I know there may be those who frown on such a free-thinking/free-speech approach to free life; however, I find myself minimally concerned with career critics, as this crowd seems to rarely have alternatives of substance to offer.

I appreciate your visit, and hope you enjoy my work and play.

Have fun today!

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