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Acquiescence: Art, Broken Heart

I’ve been planning to start producing  DV’s of my art for years now, and this past Saturday the creative urge finally overwhelmed me, so I finally did it. Although this video might be a little emo, it’s OK since I’m part of humanity, which actually seems to define itself thru a dynamic dichotomy of love intersexed with pain. No matter how happy a soul in love may become, or how shredded to pieces the heart may be tattered and torn . . . in the end—even if only in the depths of the mind, the memory, or simply a faint contemplation of what might have been—love remains.

“Acquiescence” may very well be an unspoken statement that I’ve needed to get off my chest for a long, long time. I’ve been through an extremely difficult few years which only this past week seem to be settling down. Even as I type this I do so under conditions which most people in developed societies would very likely consider least desirable. Yet, I remain connected to my higher power who continues to guide me through astonishing life-revelations towards what I hope to soon be Peace. Daily it has become easier to accept advice someone close to me once offered: “Let God work.”

I wish you would enjoy this video presentation of a few of my creations, which includes canvas fine art, graphite and charcoal drawings, computer graphics, and obviously video production. Gavin Rossdale’s extraordinary musical genius backdrops the passion of my visual art with synergistic perfection. You can download “Love Remains The Same” at iTunes.

Peace within. Video link: “Acquiescence: Art, Broken Heart”

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