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To Hell With The First Amendment

I’ve wondered a great deal of late: What is the purpose of the Constitution of the United States of America? What was this revered document actually written for?

I mean, I get the general “why” it was written by the founding fathers. The tyranny which the first settlers of this great land escaped when they fled British rule in the 1700’s was brutally oppressive, a government which no one wanted to see repeated in the new world. To ensure this, the founding fathers convened to draft a document called the Constitution which would define how their new country would be governed. This Constitution was penned with an opening mission statement called the Preamble. In short, this mission statement was not vague:  We the People (not “They the Government”), in order to form a more perfect union (than the one the settlers had just left) do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

But let’s say the United States was a business, and not simply the land of the free we all know it to be. An alarming shift in what is acceptable has sparked a number of official actions which seem to ignore First Amendment guidelines. As a result, our nation has now become one huge Gotham City-esque survival-of-the-fittest camp, with only those in the upper-income typically living the classic American Dream. As our metaphorical corporation, I can only wonder how long this country would remain in business, selectively ignoring its own principals. If we role-play for a few moments, I suspect it will become more clear what I mean.

Imagine, if you will, that you are the CEO of a huge new global corporation called Amerika. Your Board of Directors has just wrapped up a marathon month of meetings where the company’s mission statement and policies and procedures guidelines have been mulled over, edited, amended, and finally agreed upon by all. In short, your company will be an intellectual melting pot of unbridled thought, freedom of expression, mutual respect, talent, and the finest of skill. As the goals and ideals of this great new company have now been established, you and your top-notch team get down to the brass tacks of running the business.

Within a few years’ time Amerika grows by leaps and bounds, quickly overshadowing all other corporations to become the largest, most productive and envied organization on earth. Because of your company’s impeccable reputation for job satisfaction, outstanding salary plus benefit options, and unprecedented opportunity for both professional and personal growth within the company, workers of all skill levels begin leaving their jobs at other smaller businesses to apply for a position with Amerika, and as your company is now the envy of the entire world, any position will do.

But then things begin to go astray. At first the incursions against company policy are light, almost unnoticeable as female and migrant workers from competing companies file complaints of condescending attitudes and mistreatment by management. Foreign immigrants who have come to work at Amerika become outraged, claiming they have been forced to work segregated from employees with company seniority, most in sub-human conditions at the lowest positions in the company. Women employees decry substantially lower salaries than their male counterparts, and everyone complains that too much of their salary is being deducted for taxes.

As managerial attempts at resolve fail to soothe matters and employee disgruntlement continues, you finally bring the issues before the Board of Directors, and an official investigation is ordered. After discovering that many of the allegations are indeed true and that some job conditions are substantially less than optimal, quotas are established which mandate racial integration throughout the organization. This works for a while, but alas, new reports of internal phone taps and interception of internal documents and electronic communications emerge as a new kind of segregation forms, this time neither gender nor race-based, but departmental. Hostilities mount throughout the entire company as departments become envious of one another’s budgets, diversity, and talent. Senior staff meetings become bogged down by tense interaction and forced smiles.

Soon theft of valuable software, equipment, even intellectual property begins to be reported on a regular basis, and as Amerika’s security is unmatched for trained personnel and technological supremacy, you know that the problem has originated within the walls of the company. Productivity slows noticeably, interdepartmental accusations fly, and the company’s unique corporate culture—a progressive, can-do determination unlike any the world has ever seen—turns sour. As a result of increasing costs to replace stolen resources and rising insurance fees, salaries are lowered, some even cut in half. Surveillance cameras have captured employees literally being beaten by security staff. People begin to hate their jobs as Amerika’s once-pioneering spirit decays into a monumentally monotonous daily drudgery of survival. Some employees accept the reduced pay, others simply resign.

This dark new paradigm has brutally beaten the once great corporation of Amerika, and it has fallen into serious debt. Billions upon billions of dollars in past-due credit, the ballooning cost of marketing, unemployment payments, lawsuits, subsidiary expenses, technology upgrades, increased security threats (both internally and externally), and sky-rocketing production and distribution prices have taken their toll on this once-great entity, and all because the basic tenets of your handbook of policy and procedure ultimately failed to be maintained.

End role-play.

As a natural-born citizen of the United States of America, I have been alive long enough to see this great land change from an almost magical land built upon love, hope, freedom, and limitless opportunity to the disgusting materialistic, mechanized monster of tainted justice, racism, greed, hate, theft, murder, and environmental destruction it is today. The rights of the people continue to erode, and I see in particular a robust assault on the First Amendment to the Constitution, which guarantees the right of free speech and freedom of the press.

I was recently a victim of First Amendment violation by some anonymous viewer monitoring my private Internet use who did not approve of my personal investigation into UFO’s and the paranormal. This anonymous party happened to be technologically proficient enough to protest my private studies by hacking repeatedly into my websites and bank accounts whilst leaving cryptic and threatening online messages. Even now I remain curious as to who this could have been, and why they were so disturbed by my personal Internet usage. Sure I could understand if this was some backwards dictatorial regime with citizen-funded high-dollar secret operations which those footing the bill know nothing of. Then a snooping, prying Web surfer stumbling onto one of the millions of Googled sites might pose some sort of ridiculous threat.

But this is not a backwards dictatorial regime. This is the United States of America, land of the free and home of the brave. And our Constitution with its 27 Amendments protects our rights.


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