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Not If, Why, Because

I’ve been in love before, but that was child-like, if not silly

This is not in love, for it grew out of the love I already had for you as my friend.

This is not new, because it has been living, growing, becoming for a long time,

A time as long as this is deep…

Eternity, I think, if there is such a thing; I think not, for time is what must be used to measure that, a task time is not quite up to the task of measuring.

And to measure the fact that I’ve loved you forever couldn’t be done anyway.

Each day as I try to deny that I feel this. More of it emerges through my soul, my heart, my being. My speech: I love you.

Not if, not why, not because, nothing else added, just the fact. I don’t care who knows it, what nobody thinks about it.

I only care what you think and how you feel. Whatever I can do for you is the only thing on my mind

And when I finally figure that out…

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