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The Human Revolution

Interpretation of truth becomes vanity when it reaches the point of arrogance and exclusion…interpretation of what is right, and who is wrong. High principals of morality are self-defeated when the same are used in harmful ways. With deception running rampant in every area of life today, I have felt too often that moral and ethical darkness has subtly come to be applauded as good, and vice-versa. But along with the recent rise of state-sanctioned personal disempowerment has risen a collective mind of freedom unwilling to continue this distorted, unnatural status quo…

The Human Revolution is a process of mental, physical, and spiritual renewal, a psychological development on the individual level which facilitates the acceptance of all life—especially humankind—our world, and the Universe itself. With this renewal and development comes the awareness of a person’s limitless inner capacity to lead a creative and contributive life without the extreme, blinding stress so common today, simply by making the decision to do so. It is in this state of mind that one can experience fully a personal universe of balance and understanding.

Recent centuries have seen the onset and maturation of a number of revolutions, including religious, political, economic, industrial, scientific, and in recent times the information revolution, which has been substantially driven by the emergence of the Internet. Today’s global human revolution appears to be fueled by a desire for human togetherness, in spite of any outdated policies or traditions which promote division. People everywhere have begun to realize that all human life is immeasureably valuable and must be respected as such. Differences in culture, language, and skin color are no longer to be ridiculed or shunned, but reverenced as part of the diversity of the great Design.

Even so, society cannot experience a significantly upward paradigm shift until there is a core transformation in the psychological reality of the individual. It is irrelevant how many social programs are put in place or how many educational initiatives are implemented until the innate self-destructive tendencies of the average “civilized” person are replaced with basic spiritual awareness—an ascension of consciousness—resulting in deep self-love and respect. Young people must be taught in the earliest of years that within them lies vast, untapped potential pleading to be uncovered. They must be taught that war and violence are barbaric and ultimately pathetic alternatives to creative, intellectual, and respectful diplomatic solutions. Before this, no notable change will be observed in the general development of humanity.

This dynamic revolution—The Human Revolution—is likely the most important, the most requisite of all revolutions. As this movement manifests geographically in power, the human race will become stronger, more unified, and wise, leaving the teachers and workers of mental damnation and physical atrocity with inconveniently few avenues to either labor or rest.

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