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Out There Nowhere

The science fantasy of Atlantis helped re-sparked my "out there" curiosity

I just came back inside from looking at the stars, those magical twinkling points of light that romance the velvety-dark skies of the night, and the question came to me: why are the stars always “out there”? Even when I’m watching Trek orĀ Gate(s) I notice that no matter where you are, no matter how fast your ship, the stars are still always “out there”. I mean, like, there’s never a star directly over your head that you can look up and see, or touch. They remain in that ever-present, unreachable nowhere called “out there”. I like how Captain Kirk once responded when asked which coordinates to set for the Enterprise: “That way!” he replied, valiantly pointing “out there” into the black, twinkling void of space.

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