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The Honor is Mine


Greetings and great peace be unto you, welcome to my weblog. Over the years, people from many different walks of life have related to me in many different ways. However, my mental ascension from the gripping (if not lustful) desires of the Matrix has occurred, having faded my material past infinitely distant from my etherial present, which may also be understood simultaneously as my future. As such, I may only intimately be known from this time forward as Jahriel (Jáh-ree-él), my spiritual designation. I am a creator of many aesthetic results in the visual arts, music, poetry, lyric composition, digital design, and presently have begun work on two different books: one science fiction on purpose, and the other very much not so, though equally as bizarre in context.

I am certain without doubt that anyone who has known me in the past knows full well that I care; perhaps too much, sometimes, but how can loving and giving ever truly be wrong? I am passionate in my love for humanity, spirituality, and creativity, and would sooner die than renounce attachment to any one of these reasons for living. I share the common sentiment that life is indeed good, and am certain that—in its purest form—always will be. The great Creator, a name for the one true Presence, is good, and supremely good. That said, I surmise that so then must also be the Creation.

However, I have found myself living a very unexpected kind of lie, and by no means intentionally so. This has not been a lie of deception towards another person, not one of religious hypocrisy, theft, nor any other immoral example of fraudulence. The false god I have served for so many decades was the force which the Christ in biblical texts identified as mammon and an adversary to faith. This power today has manifested as the Corporate system of influence and ultimately dominance over the lives of so many across the globe. It is this realization along with sheer and utter shock I have lived under for the last few years after having been shown exactly how deep the rabbit hole goes, to borrow a phrase. Much of the content of my posts will likely deal with the vast scope of discovery which a few sharply-focused questions led to, revelations which many times have seemed more fantastic than any fiction might ever hope to be.

As for my blog posts, comments are welcomed, but not required. I am more interested in receiving and sharing useful knowledge with minds of serious inquiry, but not at all interested in philosophical debates which offer little to no chance for fruitful outcome. For me, few things are more invigorating than deep intellectual exchanges of ideas, even if we are in respectful disagreement regarding the subject at hand. It is fulfilling simply to interact with another person at the heartfelt level, to vibe and counter-vibe with the special uniqueness that defines every one of us, and gives each and every one of us Divine distinction in the eyes of the One true power.

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